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Roofers Choice: Specifications

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Roof Covering And Roof Deck Construction-Underlayment
Shingles, Roof Tiles & Roof Coverings - 07300

Product Name

Roofers Choice Synfelt Roofing Underlayment

Manufactured For

Underlayment Specialties Plus
805 West 5th Street, Unit 10
Lansdale, PA 19446

Product Description

Roofers Choice Synfelt, 100% asphalt and asbestos free, high strength performance roofing underlayment used on steep sloped roofs beneath composite, metal, clay, concrete, slate, wood and other roofing materials. Roofers Choice Synfelt is a woven HDPE fabric and is extrusion coated with a high coefficient of friction polyolefin blended with carbon black providing a skid-resistant finish on one side. It is then laminated to a non-woven polypropylene fabric surface with LDPE on the other. Roofers Choice Synfelt is approved as an alternate replacement for Type 15 or Type 30 asphalt roofing felt. Roofers Choice Synfelt measures 60" wide and comes in 200' rolls weighing ~ 38 lbs per roll. The coverage per roll is 9.3 squares. Roofers Choice Synfelt is gray in color, which helps reduce heat loads on attic structures and allows faster water evaporation and faster freeze thaw cycles.


ICC-ES: Approval #ESR-3092


Roofers Choice Synfelt must be installed above properly ventilated spaces (follow local building code) as it is considered a vapor barrier. Roofers Choice Synfelt is laid horizontally (parallel) to the eave with the printed side up, and with 4" horizontal laps and 6" vertical laps. (The use of a slip sheet is not required underneath metal roofing.) Roofers Choice Synfelt must be attached to the structural roof deck material using plastic or steel cap roofing nails having a minimum of 1" diameter cap, spaced at 12" on vertical and 15" on horizontal. All plastic or steel caps must be attached flush with the underlayment surface and nails must be fastened at a 90 degree angle to the deck. Prior to loading the roofing materials onto the Roofers Choice product, it is recommended that a roof jack, with planks, toe boards or a strong platform be secured to the underlying roofing deck to prevent slippage of stored materials on steep sloped roofs (greater than 4:12 pitch). See OSHA regulations (Standard 29 CFR), fall protection systems criteria and practices – 1926.502. For batten-secured applications, the use of plastic cap roofing nails is required only to secure the underlayment and prevent blow-off until the batten system is installed. Where seams or joints require sealant or adhesive, use only a high-quality low-solvent asbestos-free plastic roofing cement meeting ASTM D-4586 Type 1 (Asbestos Free), Spec SS-153 Type 1 (Asbestos Free).

Installing final roofing within 6 months from initial underlayment application is recommended.

Technical Services

Roofers Choice Synfelt provides a 30 year limited material warranty. For warranty and technical information, go to


None, when installed in accordance with manufacturer's recommendations.