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Sales Rep Central

Underlayment Specialties Plus’ years of experience and expertise in synthetic underlayments and building materials are complemented by a sales organization that has years of service in building materials.  We provide the roofing industry with a valuable asset by recruiting and associating ourselves with the highest-quality and most knowledgeable sales representatives. Our sales organization not only contributes to the success of Underlayment Specialties Plus and our products, but provides all layers of the sales process with success, from the distributor down to the ultimate customer, the homeowner.

Locate a local associate of the Underlayment Specialties Plus sales organization.

If you are interested in becoming part of Underlayment Specialties Plus’ sales organization, feel free to contact us.

Key Contacts

Salvatore Catanese
Global Director and Product Development

PHONE: 267-263-2308
FAX: 267-263-2389
CELL: 215-527-0152

Salvatore G. Catanese
National Sales and Marketing Manager

PHONE: 267-263-2308
FAX: 267-263-2389
CELL: 215-840-2881