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About Underlayment Specialties Plus

A certified Veteran Owned Small Business, Underlayment Specialties Plus, USP,  has made service, response and quality roofing products its top priority. We are not just a division of some large corporation; rather, we pride ourselves in providing the roofing industry our experience, expertise and performance-based water protection materials, including synthetic roofing underlayment.

Mission and History

Underlayment Specialties Plus was founded with one mission in mind: to revolutionize the North American roofing industry by providing a premium roofing underlayment product than the traditional builder’s #15 and #30 roofing felt paper.

With more than 49 years of experience in the Building Supply Industry, the founders of Underlayment Specialties Plus recognized the need for an underlayment product that:

  • Would not tear or rip
  • Was lightweight enough to contain 10 squares per roll to reduce up and down off a roof during installation
  • Could be left exposed to the elements and sun and still retain its water-shedding properties
  • Would lay flatter
  • Would not bleed in hot weather
  • Would not crack in cold weather
  • Would be more efficient in installing to save time and money.

RoofTopGuard II Premium Synthetic Roofing Underlayment

We found what we were looking for in RoofTopGuard, a synthetic roofing underlayment that was already in use providing a performance-based roofing solution in Europe. We introduced RoofTopGuard to the North American roofing industry 16 years ago.

To roofers, performance and safety come first, and they immediately recognized that RoofTopGuard provided a superior alternative to #15 and #30 roofing felt paper. Underlayment Specialties Plus provides roof installers with the peace of mind that comes from a roofing underlayment that provides both safety and optimum performance.

Our Products

The Underlayment Specialties Plus flagship line of synthetic roofing underlayment is RoofTopGuard II Premium. Carefully engineered to be the safest and best-performing synthetic roofing underlayment, RoofTopGuard II is the PREMIUM synthetic roofing underlayment on the market today. We also offer Roofers Choice II Synfelt, which was developed and infused with some of the best performance and safety qualities of our RoofTopGuard II Premium Synthetic Roofing Underlayment line, but with a mid-market value.  Underlayment Specialties Plus also offers Ice Protect Plus high-temp self-adhesive roofing underlayment for specialty cladding applications.

Underlayment Specialties Plus RoofTopGuard II Premium, Roofers Choice II Synfelt, and Ice Protect Plus truly provide ONE SOURCE FOR UNDERLAYMENT SOLUTIONS.