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RoofTopGuard II Premium Synthetic Underlayment

RoofTopGuard II Premium synthetic roofing underlayment was carefully engineered to be the safest, best-performing synthetic roofing underlayment in the world, making it the premium brand synthetic roofing underlayment available on the market today. RoofTopGuard II Premium synthetic roofing underlayment can be used under all roof claddings and is a superior alternate to #15 and #30 paper felt.

It Outperforms Everything on the Market

RoofTopGuard II Roofing Underlayment

Trusted by roofing professionals worldwide for over 55 years, RoofTopGuard II Premium synthetic roofing underlayment is the ultimate combination of quality, engineering and technology, and outperforms all other synthetic roofing underlayments. It's Fiber Grip construction gives you superior traction in challenging weather and freeze/thaw conditions and on high-pitched roofs. I'ts 5-layer density and substantial feel provide unparalleled handling and unrivaled tack, inspiring confidence. The GOLD STANDARD in roofing underlayments and the top choice of those who demand the best in safety and performance, RoofTopGuard II Premium is the synthetic roofing underlayment that others aspire to be.


RoofTopGuard II Premium synthetic roofing underlayment meets or exceeds all national building code requirements, including Miami- Dade County, Florida, and consistently outperforms and out-tests conventional roofing underlayments. Our product tests speak for themselves: for strength, elongation, UV resistance, water-tightness and water vapor transmission, RoofTopGuard II Premium synthetic roofing underlayment consistently exceeds the standards.


Conventional roofing underlayments are prone to tearing and ripping, are hot and heavy to work with and are unpredictable in storms. They stick to metal roofing and tear with expansion and contraction. They can be dangerously slippery when wet. The list of problems goes on and on and adds up to increased costs, worries and liabilities for you.

RoofTopGuard II Premium synthetic roofing underlayment is the high-tech, high-performance answer to these and other problems. Its 5-layer polypropylene/polyethylene construction results in high strength, while maintaining low weight (approx. 43 lbs per roll), which makes it suitable for use under all roofing materials. Its 60" width and 10 square roll size speeds up installation and minimizes seams, resulting in faster, easier and more secure installation.


RoofTopGuard II Premium’s exclusive Fiber Grip surface is slip resistant, offering superior foot traction. Independent laboratory tests show RoofTopGuard II Premium has more friction and slip resistance than standard roofing felt, and other polymer-based synthetic roofing underlayments can't match its performance. Its excellent moisture barrier and wide-roll width reduces the need for ice and water protection. And RoofTopGuard II Premium contains no asphalt or asbestos and has zero outgassing.

"RoofTopGuard II has been around for a long time. I think it's a great idea and a great product. For me, it's an easy decision to use it over traditional felt, especially in Oklahoma where we have severe weather, heavy winds and hail.

Traditional felt is just too labor intensive. Felt wrinkles up in windy, moist weather and in hot weather it's slippery and tears when you walk on it. If the roof underlayment isn't completely flat, especially on the overlapping seams, a standing seam metal roof will show every wrinkle of the felt.

With RoofTopGuard II, RoofTopGuard II lays flat, covers quickly with the 5' wide rolls, and you can actually walk on it not only when it's dry, but wet also. It's an easy decision to use RoofTopGuard II."