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AirOutshield™ SA 280

Fully Self-Adhered, Breathable Underlayment for Rain Screen Walls and Sloped Roofing Systems

AirOutshield™ SA 280 is a fully self-adhered, triple layer polypropylene micro-porous film laminate with a proprietary full coverage  vapor permeable adhesive. AirOutshield™ SA 280 can be installed on walls and sloped roofs behind the primary water shedding surface, and functions as the secondary drainage plane and air barrier.                                                                   

Quicker Coverage, Greater Breathability and Greater Service Temperature

 AirOutshield™ SA 280 provides an easy to use solution in where you simply "peel and stick"  AirOutshield™ SA 280 to any compatible substrate without the need for primer. This virtually eliminates the needs for fasteners, tapes and sealants.   The proprietary vapor permeable adhesive allows installation in temperatures as low as 20 degrees fahrenheit, and has a service temperature of -40 degrees to 212 degrees fahrenheit. This wide range allows use and installation in some of the most extreme temperatures. 

AirOutshield™ SA 280 high rate of breathability at 24 perms, along with a 57" Wide roll containing a total of 780 sq feet allows quick and efficient installation reducing labor time and costs.  AirOutshield™ SA 280 high rate of breathability allows moisture within the building envelope to dry rapidly, thereby reducing the likelihood of mold, mildew, rot, metal corrosion and reduced insulation thermal values by diverting moisture.   AirOutshield™ SA 280 can be installed and left exposed for 90 days allowing construction to proceed efficiently.