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Roofers Choice: LEED Points

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Roofers Choice Synfelt is a 100% polymeric based product and is therefore fully recyclable, unlike traditional builder’s felt paper underlayments, which are manufactured from asphalt and paper and are dumped into landfills.

One truckload of Roofers Choice Synfelt replaces six truckloads of traditional builder’s felt paper. This means less asphalt in the environment and a savings of fuel and carbon emissions.

Roofers Choice Synfelt has a 30-year warranty, which means longer roof life. Thus, reducing the need to replace the un-recyclable traditional felt paper underlayment.

Roofers Choice Synfelt produces no toxic emissions during manufacturing, unlike the manufacturing of traditional builder’s felt paper underlayment.

Roofers Choice Synfelt is 100% inert to moisture absorption, which eliminates water breach and mold feeding of the product, unlike traditional builder’s felt paper.

Roofers Choice Synfelt may contain 7% post-industrial recycled content , which reduces waste in landfills and conser ves energy.