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Petex 15 Contractor Grade Synthetic Underlayment

Petex-15 is a Contractor Grade Synthetic Underlayment. Petex-15 is a direct replacement for #15 conventional roofing felt that provides greater installation efficiency and is tear resistant.  Unlike other #15 conventional felt replacements that are manufactured in China or India, Petex-15 is proudly Made In the USA.  Petex-15 Contractor Grade Synthetic Underlayment provides the best solution for shingle applications that require an highly efficient application and a job that is price paramount. 


Made In America

Petex-15 Contractor Grade Synthetic Underlayment is proudly Made in America.  Unlike most #15 convention replacements manufactured in China or India, Petex-15 provides the contractor or home owner peace of mind of a quality contractor grade product that performs to its appropriate installation.


Faster Installation

Petex-15 extra wide rolls provide greater efficiency during installation due to it's 5' wide rolls. Equalivent imported products are only 48" or less.  Greater width during installation translates into quicker coverage, less install time, less money!