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RoofTopGuard II: MSDS

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1.Identification of the substance/preparation and of the company/undertaking
Use of the substance  Roofing underlayment in buildings
Manufacturer  RKW Finland Ltd
Street address:  Ulasoorintie 185
Postcode and post office:  FIN-28600 Pori Finland
Post-office box: Box 22
Postcode and post office:  FIN-28601 Pori Finland
Telephone number:  +358 2 517 88 99
Telefax:  +358 2 517 88 90
Y code:  FI16366752

2.Hazards identification
The product is chemically inactive and is biologically inert. It is not a skin irritant.RoofTopGuard II underlayment’s raw materials and additives contain no asbestos or asphalt products. This declaration is based on individual approvals obtained by the suppliers ofRKW Finland Ltd’s raw materials and ingredients. To avoid danger or suffocation, the product should be kept away from babies and children. This product is not considered dangerous to the environment.

3.Composition/information on ingredients
Woven HDPE with a polyethylene film is laminated with black LDPE on one side and in addition a nonwoven polypropylene layer is laminated with LDPE on the other side

4.First aid measures
Inhalation (fire hazards or overheating)
Remove the patient from direct exposure, when inhalates vapoures/gas of the product. Obtain medical attention.
Eye contact
In case of eye contact with melted material, irrigate eye with clean water and seek immediately medical attention.
Skin contact
Any melted material on the skin should be cooled as quickly as possible, for this use cold water. The material should not be pulled off.

5.Fire-fighting measures
Flash point: app. 350°C
Recommended Extinguishing Media: Water in a spread jet, dry chemical, foam and carbon dioxide can be used.
Fire Hazards: The product burns, but is not classified as flammable. The final products at complete combustion are carbon dioxide and water. At incomplete combustion with reduced oxygen supply,carbon monoxide, which is highly toxic, will form as well. As for many other compounds, like wood,paper and other products from oil, other decomposition products like various hydrocarbons, acids and aldehydes may also form, but usually in very small quantities only.
6. Accidental release measures
Avoid dust and electrical static load.

7.Handling and storage
The product is stable under normal conditions of use, storage and transportation. For safe installationit is recommended to follow installation instructions given by the manufacturer / seller.


8. Exposure controls/personal protection

Respiratory protection: Normally not necessary.

Hand protection: Usual protective working garments.

Eye protection: Usual protective working garments.

Body protection: Usual protective working garments.

9.Physical and chemical properties
Appearance solid
Melting point/range 70 – 170 oC
Density 0,90 – 1,00 g/cm3
Solubility in water insoluble

10.Stability and reactivity
The product is stable at normal handling and storage conditions. It is not chemically reactive.

11.Toxicological information  No health hazards are known.

12.Ecological information 

This material is not known to be a risk to the environment.
The product is not biodegradable.

13.Disposal considerations
EC disposal code no.: 07 02 99 waste not otherwise specified
07 02 13 waste plastic
15 01 02 plastic
15 01 06 mixed

Recommendation: Disposal should be in accordance with local or national legislation.

14.Transport information
Not dangerous material according to Transport Regulations.

15.Regulatory information
Classification according to Dangerous Product Regulations incl. EEC Guidelines
(67/548/EEC and 88/379/EEC)
This product is no dangerous material

16.Other information
These details refer to the product as it is delivered.
Issued in accordance with Regulation (EC) No 1907/2006 and its amendments
The information given in this data sheet is based on the present status of knowledge and describes our products with regard to the safety requirements. The information given is not be seen as guarantee for a certain quality of the material nor as agreement of the quality. It is the duty of the user to check whether the material is suitable for the intended purpose of use and for the respective area of use. No liability can be taken for any damages which occur as a result of using any information given. In all cases our General Sale Conditions are valid and remain effective.

"RoofTopGuard II has been around for a long time. I think it's a great idea and a great product. For me, it's an easy decision to use it over traditional felt, especially in Oklahoma where we have severe weather, heavy winds and hail.

Traditional felt is just too labor intensive. Felt wrinkles up in windy, moist weather and in hot weather it's slippery and tears when you walk on it. If the roof underlayment isn't completely flat, especially on the overlapping seams, a standing seam metal roof will show every wrinkle of the felt.

With RoofTopGuard II, RoofTopGuard II lays flat, covers quickly with the 5' wide rolls, and you can actually walk on it not only when it's dry, but wet also. It's an easy decision to use RoofTopGuard II."