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RoofTopGuard II Data Sheet


  • Skid Resistant surface, "Fiber Grip", "Maximum" skid resistant, Even When Wet!
  • Contains no asphalt or asbestos.  Zero out-gassing.

"The last thing a contractor needs to worry about when up on a roof is SLIPPING"


  • Will not tear or rip in high winds and eliminates costly call back repairs and material replacement.  Elimiates the problems you have with Felt products.
  • Many times stronger and more tear resistant than Felt underlayments.
  • High-Tech "Woven" five layer polyethylene/polypropylene matrix material insures the strongest possible underlayment product.
  • "Hurricane Proof" tested in severest of environments.


  • 5 ft wide x 200 ft long; 10 square roll.
  • Lightweight at 43 lbs for the 10 sq roll, low weight.
  • Wide width greatly reduces installation time, faster roof deck coverage.
  • WIll not stick to metal roof products (no asphalt), no need for slip sheets.
  • Pallet size 44"x44"x60" is warehouse space economical, strong construction.
  • Mold and Insect resistant.  Creates a water barrier with lasting dependability.
  • High temperature underlayment usage. 235°F sotening point.
  • Lays flat on the roof and will not alligator.  Can not absorb water.
  • UV Exposure Guideline-6 months.


  • Composite Asphalt and Fiberglass shingles, metal roofs, Slate, Copper, Synthetic roofs, Wood Cedar, Shakes and Tiles.
  • Dry-in during construction, never worry  about the weather again.
  • Secondary water barrier under finished roof providing protection from wind driven rain and  snow.
  • RTG II's excellent moisture barrier and wide roll width reduces the need for ice and water protection.

30 Year Limited Warranty

  • Retains its ability to shed water and is free of manufacturing defects.
  • RTG II meets or exceeds all national building codes for underlayment.
  • Serves as a secondary water barrier under the finished roofing materials.
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"RoofTopGuard II has been around for a long time. I think it's a great idea and a great product. For me, it's an easy decision to use it over traditional felt, especially in Oklahoma where we have severe weather, heavy winds and hail.

Traditional felt is just too labor intensive. Felt wrinkles up in windy, moist weather and in hot weather it's slippery and tears when you walk on it. If the roof underlayment isn't completely flat, especially on the overlapping seams, a standing seam metal roof will show every wrinkle of the felt.

With RoofTopGuard II, RoofTopGuard II lays flat, covers quickly with the 5' wide rolls, and you can actually walk on it not only when it's dry, but wet also. It's an easy decision to use RoofTopGuard II."