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AirOutshield™ SA 280

Fully Self-Adhered, Breathable Underlayment for Rain Screen Walls and Sloped Roofing Systems

Petex 15 Contractor Grade Synthetic Underlayment

Petex-15 is a Contractor Grade Synthetic Underlayment. Petex-15 is a direct replacement for #15 conventional roofing felt that provides greater installation efficiency and is tear resistant.  Unlike other #15 conventional felt replacements that are manufactured in China or India, Petex-15 is proudly Made In the USA.

AirOutshield™ UV - Open Joint UV Protected Membrane

AirOutshield™ UV Breathable Underlayment for Open Joint, Rain Screen Wall Systems

A double layer, coated polyester, water and ultra violet light (UV) resistant, breathable underlayment for open joint rain screen wall systems.