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Synthetic Underlayments – Too Good to Be True?

Marketing and manufactured in Europe and Canada for the past 30 years, a new leading-edge technology is taking hold of the roofing industry in the United States.  Synthetic underlayments can best be described as one of the newest members of a generation of high-tech, high-performance underlayment alternatives.  They can be used under shingles, tiles, slate, metal or cedar shakes and synthetic roof claddings.  In cases of unforeseen weather conditions or construction delays, the installed product can be left uncovered for months and maintain its leak-free status.  It retains its resistance to water even after long-term exposure to UV rays and heat and is lightweight yet very strong.  Sound too good to be true? A closer look into the composition of these new synthetic underlayments and further details on the product's benefits may help convince you to give this "miracle material" a try.

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