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RoofTopGuard SA Classification

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RoofTopGuard SA

Self-Adhered High Temp Underlayment



Roof Covering and Roof Deck Construction – Underlayment

Shingles, Roof Tiles and Roof Coverings -07300


Product Name:

RoofTopGuard SA



Underlayment Specialties Plus, LLC

805 West 5th Street, Unit 10A

Lansdale, PA 19446



RoofTopGuard SA is a synthetic based  High-Temp Self-Adhered ice & water roof underlayment used in steep slope applications for use under: Metal, Tile, slate, asphalt based shingles, synthetic claddings and all others.  RoofTopGuard SA polyethylene/polypropylene constructions results in a lightweight, extra-wide width roll  that results in greater efficiency and coverage during installation.  RoofTopGuard SA’s unique adhesive allows very low installation temperatures (15 degrees or higher), while providing a larger service temperature (-20 degrees to 260 degrees).  RoofTopGuard SA is constructed to be directional by having a 5” self-adhered topside selvage which provides a secure watertight lap adhesive bond.



RoofTopGuard SA can be used under Tile installed over direct deck, battened or counter battened systems, Metal roofing, Slate, synthetic claddings and Composition shingles.



RoofTopGuard SA   High-Temp Self-Adhered  membrane is installed by removing the split-release liner and applying the adhesive side against the roof deck with a 4” horizontal overlap and 12” vertical lap see installations instructions for details. The underlayment is laid horizontally (parallel) to the eave with the printed slip resistant side up and directional selvage edge on the top.  A rosin slip-sheet is not required over RoofTopGuard SA with metal roof systems.