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Introducing RoofTopGuard II Synthetic Premium Underlayment

By: Sal Catanese

A high performance product specifically designed and created with the contractor in mind / A “quality first”, “safety first” product leading the way in organic felt replacement in today‘s roofing industry / If the absolute best is required, RoofTopGuard II is the product of choice.

RoofTop Guard II UnderlaymentRoofTopGuard II has had 30+ years experience in field application which meets or exceeds all national building code standards and requirements. In terms of product usage, our product simply outperforms the competition. It is the fastest, easiest, safest and most efficiently installed underlayment in the roofing industry.

As a contractor, you know all too well the problems of conventional roofing underlayments — they are prone to tearing and ripping, are hot and heavy to work with, and are unpredictable in storms. They can stick to metal roofing and tear with expansion and contraction. They can also be dangerously slippery when wet. The list goes on and on… and can add up to increased costs, worries and liabilities for you.

RoofTopGuard II is a high strength polymer roofing underlayment that is ideal under all types of roofing products, including metal, asphalt shingles, shakes, slate, synthetics and copper roofs. It is highly skid resistant, lightweight, contains no asphalt materials and is very safe to use. It‘s a “Safety First” product. “The last thing a contractor needs to worry about when up on a roof is slipping.”

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