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Ice Protect Plus: Installation

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Always start from the lowest point on the roof deck.

The membrane should be unrolled, exposed to sunlight and allowed to relax before installation.

Align the membrane on the lower edge of roof.

Peel back the release film and align the membrane on the lower edge of the roof.

Pull the release film to peel back and apply the membrane.

Roll the lower edges and seams with a hand roller. Use flat broom or squeegee to help lay flat and adhere the field of the underlayment.

Where nailing is needed for steep slope applications, back-nail and cover nails by overlapping with the next sheet.For valley and ridge applications: peel back the release film, center the sheet over the valley or ridge and press firmly into place. Always start from the lowest point on valley applications.

End laps must be at least 6” and side laps must be at least 4”.

For the best adhesion, apply in temperatures of 40 degree F and up. Store rolls at temperatures between 55 degrees F and 95 degrees F.


The membrane may be applied directly to plywood, wood composition board, polyioscyanurate, extruded and expanded polystyrene insulation, gypsum sheathing and wood plank. For best adhesion, lightly prime wood and masonry substrates.

Primer must be fully cured prior to membrane application.

Deck may not have voids or areas that are unsupported.

Deck must be clean and dry or loss of adhesion may occur.