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Breathable Membranes

It's Time to BREATHE! .... Synthetic Breathable Underlayments


       AirOutshield™ Roof's 119 Perm rating separates itself from all other breathable roofing membranes current in the Roofing  Industry. It's Polypropylene composition provides superior resistance to high temperature.  AirOutshield™ Roof  is tear, rip and puncture resistance, which results in reducing repairs and labor costs.

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        AirOutshield™ Wall high rate of breathability, 156.1 Perms and 182 perms after UV and Heat Aged, allows moisture within the wall system to  dry rapidly.Thereby,  reducing  potential for mold, mildew, rot, metal corrosion and reduced insulation thermal values.  AirOutshield™ Wall's Self-Cinching at fasteners minimizes   penetration point leaks and the need for sealant. 

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